Valtteri Pukander, CEO

Valtteri is a seasoned ad tech and technology leader with deep roots in the mobile applications industry. Prior to Thirdpresence Valtteri led a multinational growth organization of 200 people in the mobile marketing industry (Zed), managing an annual revenue of $150 million. Valtteri has a keen interest in building the digital video advertising market and has contributed to the IAB Digital Video Advertising Guide.

Tuomas Itkonen, CFO

Tuomas is an experienced finance professional with over 9 years of Group level experience as CFO and has held several senior positions in large companies such as Alma Media and Nokia Oyj. He offers a wealth of knowledge and expertise in his responsibilities which range from group finance and investor relations to ICT and corporate governance.

David Nelson, COO

David has more than 20 years experience in digital media. He is a seasoned entrepreneurial executive relishing the opportunity new technology provides to innovate and solve customer challenges. Joining Thirdpresence in 2017 David previously held senior roles within Product and Operations for Rocketfuel & Orange. He is responsible for ensuring we continue to deliver world class customer service & product evolution.

James Macdonald, Global CRO

James has 20 years of experience in the mobile and emerging technology media space. Working in senior positions within corporate as well as start up environments for companies like Telefonica, Adfonic and MSN both in Europe as well as in the USA, James is all about developing the commercial relationships needed to drive business growth and is responsible for our sales and account management globally. A keen golfer always seeking an edge to improve.

Markus Bäckström, CPO

Markus has been working for digital media start-ups for the past 17 years in strategy, product and business development roles. Markus specializes in launching and leading high-growth businesses involving technology, media and consumers. He is passionate about new online technologies, business models and devices.

Anssi Lindqvist, CTO

Anssi has built a number of large-scale online platforms and AI-based products to serve the mobile industry. He has previously held various technology development roles in Telia-Sonera and served as CTO of mobile games company RedLynx.