• Video Advertising
    Delivery Technology

    Thirdpresence is a white-label platform for agencies, DSPs,
    ad networks, SSPs and publishers to host and deliver
    video ads to any ad placement on any device.

  • Agencies
    and Demand-Side Platforms

    Automatically create cross-platform video ad tags from any video creative.
    Easily traffic your tags to any ad exchange, SSP or publisher ad server.
    Access a full suite of video ad metrics across all placements.

  • Publishers,
    Ad Networks
    and Supply-Side Platforms

    Easily create high-value video ad placements
    from your existing desktop and mobile inventory.
    Plug-in solution to any ad serving environment.


Our video ad units are based on industry standards and certified by all major ad exchanges and SSP's
so you can reach your audience anywhere, anytime. We serve razor sharp video ads, perfectly adapted
to any device, instantly in HD. No long load times and no grainy footage.

About Thirdpresence

Thirdpresence is a software technology company founded in 2007. We are headquartered in Helsinki, Finland and venture-backed by institutional and angel investors.

Management Team

Markus Bäckström

Markus Bäckström


Valtteri Pukander

Valtteri Pukander

Chief Business Development Officer

Anssi Lindqvist

Anssi Lindqvist


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